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Aloe Vera Benefits


Aloe Vera is an emollient and film-forming gum resin with hydrating, softening, calming, healing, anti-microbial(an agent that inhibits microorganisms) and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also know for being moisturizing💧 it supplies moisture directly to the skin tissue. Aloe has a relaxing effect on the skin, making it valuable for sensitive, sunburned, sun-exposed skin, minor burns, insect bites and skin irritations. It’s benefit in a skin care product depends on the appropriate concentration, as different concentrations result and different benefits and and products.

The Calming Facial toner is a mild toner that is perfect for any skin type. With aloe and rose distillate, this gentle toner is perfect if you have sensitive skin or you’re prone to dehydration.

The Hydrabalance is a water-based hydrator containing aloe that can be safely used under benzoyl peroxide. Along with antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it also helps to reduce oily shine.

Face Reality’s Calming Facial Toner and Hydrabalance are our two products we carry here at Sugar Face Skincare that have Aloe Vera in them.💚

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