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Almost everyone suffers from the occasional breakout but some unlucky few suffer from more than a few zits. It’s a constant struggle with your self-esteem and self-confidence in teenagers and adults. Acne is a complex medical condition called “Acne Vulgaris.” Through experience I have learned acne has FOUR main causes, Genetics, Stress, Hormones & a variety of Internal issues!

Genetics- Unfortunately, you may be predisposed to acne if it’s in your genes. Even if your parents have never had acne, one of your ancestors may have.

Stress- Stressing out over something temporary just makes everything worse, especially for your skin! I have some clients who stress over having acne but they don’t realize that stressing over having acne is giving you MORE ACNE. It’s a vicious circle. The moral of this story is, don’t stress over things that are out of your control and just relax for the sake of your skin.

Hormones- Acne is not just a teenage disease. At anytime when there is a change in hormones (for example: your monthly menstrual cycle or menopause), there is chance for an acne breakout. Pay attention and know your body so you can schedule your monthly facial around the time of ovulation to avoid the period breakouts. These breakouts are commonly along the neck, chin and jawline. Some hormonal issues may require medical attention so talk to your doctor if you haven’t seen improvement with topical acne medications. You may have a more serious problem that is contributing to your acne such as (PCOS) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Also, starting/ending a hormone based form of Birth Control such as the pill, implant or IUD can cause your body to go haywire for about 3-6 months. Give yourself an adequate amount of time for your body to adjust to the influx of new hormones or lack of.

Internal issues- The skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s no surprise that if something is going on internally it will show up on your skin. “You are what you eat” cannot be more true. Eating a well balanced, nutrient rich diet that is full of Omega fatty acids to nourish and hydrate your skin from the inside-out is vital to good skin! Dairy, milk chocolate, candy, french fries, greasy foods, potato chips and fast food all have two things in common SALT and ACNE. Drink more water when consuming salty foods to flush it out of your body. Some clients have experienced acne flare-ups from a gluten intolerance, IBS, or other diseases that cause an inflammatory response.

What is Acne? Simply put, it’s a bacteria that lives in the skin which feeds on oil. Oily skin is thicker and is compiled of too many layers of built up, dead skin, oil, debris and bacteria. It’s the perfect breeding ground for acne, which explains the process of acne called “Retention hyperkeratosis.”

How to treat Acne? First of all, there is no cure that will get rid of acne forever but you can treat it. Secondly, everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to treatments & products. There is no quick fix. There is not one miracle product or one treatment that works for everyone. In fact, treating acne starts with YOU, the client, at home. You need to be 100% committed and dedicated to clearing your skin. You need to keep your facial appointments because extractions are important. Have faith in your Esthetician. A single facial treatment will not clear your skin. Sometimes (most of the time) acne gets worse before it gets better. It takes 90 days for a pimple from start to finish. What you do for your skin now, affects the future you in 90 days! Follow your estheticians tips/tricks and product homecare routine exactly. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your esthetician about what is working, not working, what you like/don’t like, what products and makeup you’re using, etc. We like that you’re communicating with us because we can’t read your mind.

To treat acne at home you need a few things!

  1. Cleanse. You need to get rid of the oil that the acne bacteria is feeding on, so wash your face, morning and night. Wash your face 3 times a day if you’re feeling oily mid-day or after work. Wash your face immediately after you’ve sweat at the gym or after an outdoor workout. Wash your face after a night out partying. WASH YOUR FACE twice if you have makeup on, ladies. Those make-up removing wipes don’t count! Wash once to remove your makeup and second to make sure those pores are squeaky clean! (We like Sugarface Skincare - Normalizing Facial Cleanser, 8oz $22)

  2. A topical medication that kills acne bacteria. I’ve had much success with Benzoyl Peroxide however, some people are sensitive to it and a small percentage are allergic. Other alternatives are Sulfur or diluted tea-tree oil. (We like Sugarface Skincare - Benzoyl Peroxide, 2oz $16)

  3. Exfoliation. A light manual scrub or topical chemical exfoliation such as an acid or enzyme to help get rid of excess dead skin. (We like Skinscript - Clarifying Toner Pads, 2oz 50 pads $22)

  4. Oil-Free Moisturizer. Your skin shouldn't be overly dry to the point where its peeling and flaking or red and raw from the overuse of products. You need to put moisture back into your skin otherwise you will feel very itchy, uncomfortable but, your body may also overcompensate for the loss of moisture and replace it with OIL. (We like Sugarface Skincare - HA Hydrating Cream 2oz $26)

  5. Ice therapy. Ice helps with a number things including inflammation (red area of acne) and it’s free! (We like Sugarface Skincare - Reusable Flash Ice Container, $12)

My Tips & Tricks!

  • Clean your makeup brushes with your facial cleanser once a week.

  • Use a clean facial towel every time your wash your face.

  • Wash your hands before you wash your face. I know, this sounds stupid, but if there’s bacteria on your hands and then you wash your face, you’re spreading bacteria and cleanser around.

  • Wash your hands before applying makeup with your fingers.

  • Change your pillowcase every other day or at least a few times a week.

  • Don’t sleep with your makeup on.

  • Use oil-free skincare products and oil-free makeup only.

  • Don’t pick or scratch or pop your own pimples.

  • Don't touch your face or rest your hands on your face.

  • Wipe down your cell phone and work phone with alcohol frequently.

  • Clean behind your ears.

  • Drink plently of water throughout the day. (weight divided by 2=how many ounces of water to drink a day) For example, 120/2= 60 ounces (16.9oz in a water bottle) 60/16.5oz = 3.5 bottles a day!

  • Rinse the cleanser off of your face/hairline/jawline well. Sometimes it takes about 6-7 times to completely rinse the suds away.

  • If you wash your face in the shower, don't allow shampoo/conditioner to run down your face and wash your face last, just incase!

  • Use room-temperature water to cleanse your face and pat dry with a clean towel.

  • Use dye-free and fragrance free detergent for your clothes, bedding and towels.

  • Be patient. (This takes time!) Less is more, don't overdo it and don't be too aggressive!

Hope you found this helpful. To purchase Sugarface Skincare products please email or visit us instore! Please share any tips and tricks that you have with me! I would love to hear them.

Kirstie Reese

Owner of SugarFace Skincare

13542 Ventura Blvd. Ste1,

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


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