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Facials 101

Facials are often viewed as a luxury treatment rather than a necessity but facials should be taken seriously! Regular facials are extremely important for skin health. They do so many things such as detox the skin, unclog congested pores, hydrate and helps to relax/de-stress the client. Most importantly, facials provide a deep exfoliation of the top layer of dead-skin to promote new skin cell turnover, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Have you ever heard a women in her early 20's say, “I get Botox because it’s preventative.” Those women should be getting regular facials because facials are preventative! Also, during routine appointments skincare professionals have the opportunity to adjust a client’s home-care regimen according to their current skin conditions and seasonal changes. For example, during the Summer your Esthetician may suggest a lightweight moisturizer and sunscreen but during Winter she may suggest a night-time acid exfoliation and a heavy moisturizer.

No facial is same just like no one’s fingerprints are the same. The very first and most basic facial that every Esthetician is taught during school is called a European facial. During this facial you should expect to walk into a dim, candle lit room with soft music playing while the esthetician leaves you alone while you change into a robe and slip into a warm, soft bed. The esthetician will double cleanse your skin to remove any makeup/debris then while the steamer is lightly spritzing your skin, she will apply an exfoliant (scrub, acid, or enzyme) to prepare your skin for extractions. While the exfoliant is working its magic, you’ll receive a hand/ arm massage that just melts your stress away. The next step is extractions which means she takes out your blackheads and pop any pimples that are ready to be unclogged from your pores. Although, this is client's’ least favorite part of the facial, it’s 100% necessary to prevent future breakouts and acne scarring. Then she’ll do a facial massage using non-pore clogging oil which not only makes you feel like jello but is actually helping your lymphatic system get rid of toxins. A hot steam towel takes away any excess oil and prepares your skin to soak in the mask. While the mask is drying, she will perform a decollete, neck and shoulder massage to further relax and de-stress the client. Once the mask has been removed, the esthetician will tone, moisturize and allow you time to get dressed.

As estheticians gain experience and knowledge, their services evolve to accommodate their clientele. For example, I come from a medical background since I worked for a Facial Plastic Surgeon and an Acne clinic. Although I offer a relaxing European style facial, my clientele is mostly acne and my basic acne facial is nothing like the European facial. The acne treatment that I perform most frequently is simple and straightforward which focuses on extractions and calming down the inflamed acne lesions. I cleanse the skin, exfoliate, perform extractions, cool the skin with a flash ice treatment, put on an aloe vera mask and finish off with a topical acne medication and oil-free moisturizer/sunscreen. The acne treament that I offer may not be for everyone but it works wonders for those who need help!

Depending on where you go for a facial treatment, they may offer some “add-on” services such as reflexology, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, high frequency for acne or product penetration, LED light masks, chemical peels, hydrating eye treatments or extra massage time. They’re all totally worth it in my opinion but my favorite service is a toss up between a cooling eye treatment for puffiness/dark circles and the high frequency treatment because it kills acne bacteria.

The most frequently asked question is, “How often should I get a facial?” Well, when your esthetician says every 3-4 weeks, she’s not just trying to take your money! New skin cells are reproduced every 28 days but as we age that process slows down so getting a facial once a month encourages that process to keep you looking younger, longer! If you’re working on a specific condition such as acne or pigmentation your esthetician may need to see you more often until it clears up such as every 1-2 weeks.

Kirstie Reese,

Owner of Sugar Face Skincare

13542 Ventura Blvd. Ste1,

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


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