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Say GOODBYE to your exfoliating scrub!

This past week President Obama signed a bipartisan bill prohibiting the sale and distribution of all microbeads. Microbeads are tiny solid plastic beads less than 5 millimeters (the size of a pinhead). They are used for exfoliating and cleansing purposes. Microbeads are extremely popular and can be found in an array of products from facials cleansers and scrubs to body wash & toothpaste!

This bill is intended to protect our waterways. These tiny plastic beads were orignally designed small enough to be washed down our drains but they are now posing a threat to our environment. The plastic is not biodegradable and 8 trillion microbeads enter our oceans/lakes EVERYDAY! Who's genius idea was this, anyway?! When it's dumped into our ocean, the marine life could be mistaking the microbeads for food particles which we may ingest later (Circle of life!) The microbeads are almost impossible to clean up because of their small size. This is a huge problem that is contributing to global warming and putting toxic chemicals into our waterways.

If you have products containing microbeads, I encourage you to replace them! There are other products out there with natural exfoliants such as Jojoba beads (which are prefectly round) as a safer alternative.

Sugarface Skincare does not currently carry ANY products containing microbeads or manual exfoliants. We only use acid exfoliation which is considered a "chemical exfoliation." There are two people in this world, SCRUB people and PEEL people. Occasionally, there's the "OVER DO IT" people who just want everything. Let me explain the difference:

Manual exfoliation- SCRUB/MICROBEADS is a type of exfoliation that can be controlled manually by the person using the product. The pressure and speed applied during exfoliation process will determine how much dead skin will be removed from the surface.

*Side note: A light/gentle pressure in a circular motion is best. If you're pulling or tugging at your skin- it's too hard!*

Chemical Exfoliation- PEEL/ACID is a type of exfoliation that is applied to the skin that does all of the work for you! LITERALLY, it eats away the dead skin cells on the surface! Usually an acid is in a liquid or gel form and it can neutralize on its own or with water. You'll feel a little stinging/prickly/itching sensation at first but it subsides and that's how you know its working!

*Side note: keep all acid products away from sensitive areas such as your eye area, nose creases and mouth area. These areas can dry out fast and burn easily.*

Bring your facial products containing MICROBEADS to your next appointment and we'll give you 10% off your ENTIRE product order!

Hope this was helpful & informative! Leave your comments below. :)



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